• Finding a good cleaning service can be very difficult so here are a few questions to ask when making enquiries of people offering a cleaning service:

    Will it always be the same person who does my cleaning?
    You need to know that it will be the same person coming to your home except for their vacation.

    Who supplies the cleaning products?

    What exactly will be cleaned and how often – what about occasional extras?

    How long have you been in business and how long has this cleaner worked for you?

    Can you provide references?

    How does the cleaner access my home?
    You need to decide if you want your home cleaning when you are there or when you are out.

    How are charges arrived at – is it on a per hour basis?

    What about accidental damage to my goods – do you reimburse me?

    Are you insured and up to what amount?

    What happens if the cleaner suffes an injury in my home – do I have any liability or does your insurance cover it?

    Is there a contract in writing covering all the points raised?