When you are locked out it is natural to panic and often to make poor decisions so when you find yourself in that situation just take a minute and decide on exactly the service you need. For instance are you locked out of your home or office or is it a car as the type of service you need may vary.

Firstly find someone who can help you generally a locksmith and if you can try and employ one who is recommended, phone a few friends to find out if they have used one.

When using a directory find a local phone number and give the locksmith a ring to find out if they are available and can do the necessary work, most locksmiths can open house or office doors but may not be able to help you with a car door depending on the model of the car.

Get a firm price or at least a maximum price so you know the exact cost of the work and if the locksmith won’t give you a price then choose another one.

When the locksmith turns up ask for identification, most states require locksmiths to be licensed but all locksmiths should carry ID. They should also ask you for proof that you have the right to enter the property or vehicle you are locked out of.